Eve Trade Master 2.0

a web based profit tracker, asset manager and much more!

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ETM 2.0 is finally here!

New features, a new image and lots of improvements

Eve Trade Master is a trading manager application for the popular MMORPG Eve Online. Eve Trade Master first started as personal project back in August 2015. With growing interest for Eve Online's intricate economy, it has been massively improved overtime, thanks to Eve's vibrant community and support.
ETM 2.0 represents a major milestone both in back and front-end improvements, which will hopefully empower your trading activity in New Eden to a whole new level.

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Profit (M ISK)



Keep up with your earnings and increase your trading efficiency

Automatic Profit Tracking

Find out every item you've been re-selling, with all taxes and fees calculated, even across different characters!

Market Simulator

Instantly compare price differences between stations to help you find new profitable trade routes or restock staging systems.

Statistics and Reports

Get access to detailed reports about your trading activity such as best items, best ISK/h, and more!

Visualize your progress

Find out how your trading strategy or overall wealth is evolving with several interactive charts.

E-mail reporting

Too busy to use external tools? No problem, we'll send you periodic snapshots by e-mail!

Fresh data!

The CREST API allows for up-to date information on the state of your orders or prices from anywhere in New Eden.

Try it out! Free to use forever.

All you need is a working API Key


Developer's Blog

New features & roadmap

Stay up to date with new features and bug fixes and contribute for the future development in Eve Trade Master

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Any help is appreciated, but never mandatory.
I'm also interested in your feedback for bug reports or feature requests!